Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks for checking my site out

Hi there, thanks for checking me out and good luck in your search. I am an individual who is passionate about my work and I try to live every day to the fullest potential. I have high energy, enthusiasm and thus enjoy a variety of sports, as well as outdoor activities such as camping or fishing. I just got back from a 6 day canoe trip,down the Mcloud river, from Edson to Whitecourt,thats my idea of fun,had a blast. Took 2 puppies on the trip,so was allways an adventure, then I watched a couple of great she got pimped episodes, hehe. I am a very grounded and "down to earth" person and I have a passion for animals. I have a great sense of humour, integrity and I am honest hence I am NOT interested in anyone who is into "Headgames." I am an open minded individual who is just looking for a great person to spend time with and develop a relationship with. If any of this catches your eye, give me a wink.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I love music...

Hi there!

I love music - I have established a career in the music business working with kids and have my own private practice. I mainly play piano and guitar and write my own music but am able to play anything except some of the string instruments. I would like to learn to play the cello and to continue to write my own music. I love to read anything, novels with a good story line, or a good horror story. I find that the books I read give me ideas to write music about. I listen to all types of music - I enjoy classical music and I also like pop music, country music interests me and I also like the freedom of jazz music. Id like to learn to play jazz piano better.

I am also interested in other things like astronomy, yoga, ballet, biking, soccer, and watching hockey. I like to play sports for fun and have recently started doing yoga. I like to travel as well. I like movies such as action, suspense, and romance mainly.

My friends would describe me as hardworking, very thoughtful, loyal and kind. I am a good listener. I am the kind of person who might seem shy at first but really isnt after you get to me. I have a lot of goals I would like to achieve like being able to run a marathon in a year or two and to travel to somewhere I havent been yet. I love to laugh as my favourite show is Seinfeld.

I am close with my family and am also close with my friends. I believe that having close friends is so important because they feel like your extended family. I value friends and family a lot. I also like to smile.